Cross Canadian Ragweed - Crazy Eddies Last Hurrah tab

Title:   Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah
Artist:  Cross Canadian Ragweed
Submitted by: Matt Toliver
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     This is easily my favorite Cross Canadian tune.  This is my first tab but I am 100%
this is accurate, I've spelled out the hammer-ons and strum patterns to make this tab
user-friendly.  If you look at the tab of the intro as you listen to the song you will
able to easily see and hear how this song fits together.  The tabbed progression repeats
the entire song and I've included lyrics, just remember to do those little hammer-ons
the ENTIRE SONG.  Hope you enjoy it.

The G's and C9's are played exactly like this throughout the entire song.  It's Critical
get this little strum pattern down for the song to sound right.

Standard Tuning


h= Hammer-on
v= Downward strum
^= Upward strum

G G C C G G GGe|----2h33--3----------2h33------3-3-3---------------------------------------|B|-------2--2--2h33-3-----2------2-2-2---------------------------------------|G|-------0--0-----2-2-----0------0-0-0---------------------------------------|D|-------0--0-----0-0-----0------0-0-0---------------------------------------|A|-------3--3-----3-3-----3------3-3-3---------------------------------------|E|-------3--3-----3-3-----3------3-3-3---------------------------------------| v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^
Intro: G G C C G G G G C C G G GG
e|----2h33--3----------2h33-----3-3-3------2h33-3----------2h33-----3-3-3-|B|-------2--2--2h33-3-----2-----2-2-2---------2-2--2h33-3-----2-----2-2-2-|G|-------0--0-----2-2-----0-----0-0-0---------0-0-----2-2-----0-----0-0-0-|D|-------0--0-----0-0-----0-----0-0-0---------0-0-----0-0-----0-----0-0-0-|A|-------3--3-----3-3-----3-----3-3-3---------3-3-----3-3-----3-----3-3-3-|E|-------3--3-----3-3-----3-----3-3-3---------3-3-----3-3-----3-----3-3-3-| v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^
Em Em Em C C G C C G G D D G G G
e|----0--0-0------------2h33-3-----------2h33-3---------x----3--3-----------|B|----2--2-2---2h33-3------2-2---2h3-3------2-2---------x----2--2-----------|G|----2--2-2------2-2------0-0-----2-2------0-0---0-0-0-0----0--0-----------|D|----0--0-0------0-0------0-0-----0-0------0-0---2-2-2-0----0--0-----------|A|----------------3-3------3-3-----3-3------3-3---3-3-3-3----3--3-----------|E|----------------3-3------3-3-----3-3------3-3---2-2-2-3----3--3-----------| v v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^
Song: (same pattern as intro) G C G Well it sure didn't take to long, G C G I woke up in the mornin' she was gone. Em C G C Well the note that she wrote didn't say dear John, G D G just goodbye sucker I'm gone. G C G She was a homegrown mountain girl G C G Raised in a different world Em C G C I was a wanna-be rocker, she was more into merle G D G Just couldn't see it wouldn't work. Em C G C And now i'm double fistin' longnecks and grapefruit and stoli G D G but i'm never gettin over joely. Instrumental break: (Play same progression 1x G-C-G--G-C-G--Em-C-G-C-G-D-G) G C G So I poured my-self in the car G C G And drove it on down to the bar. Em C G C But they wouldn't let me in cause I ain't a movie star G D G so I went to the horseshoe on Lamar. G C G The bouncer through me out there too G C G And I didn't know what to do Em C G C So I picked up the phone and I called dear sue, G D G But the call block wouldn't let me through. Em C G C And now I'm lookin' for some drugs or a shrink to console me G D G But I'm never gettin' over Joely. Instrumental break: (Play same progression 1x G-C-G--G-C-G--Em-C-G-C-G-D-G) *****Slow it Down..... G C G So I packed up all my guns G C G And a pipe bomb just for fun ******(pick up tempo again) Em C G C Went to her house and parked on the lawn G D G That's right I always was a crazy one. G C G Her boyfriend was sure nice to me G C G Said calm down would you like a drink Em C G C so I shot him full of holes from his nose to his knees G D G And polished off her little sweet pea Em C G C Now I'm lyin on the floor feelin' dirty and unholy G D G but I'm never gettin over Joely. Em C G C Now I'll probably get life and serve at least forty G D G but I'm never gettin' over Joely. Have fun with this one. This is my first tab but there will be more soon. If you have questions or comments email me at Thanks, Matt
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