Cross Canadian Ragweed - Fighting For tab

Intro: A, D

           A            D            A        D
well it's late and you know i been a-drinkin'
   A         D                        A      D
talkin' to myself up and down the hall
           A              D          A     D
ain't it great - another fabulous disaster
              A    D                      A   D
well i can't wait for the next hammer to fall

D                     E
you may have won this battle baby
A            E/G#     F#m
don't think i wont win the war
 D                     E            
and you, you don't even know what it is
that you're fightin' for

well it's early i know you've been a-waitin'
waitin' for me to finally call
talkin' dirty, it ain't what you really wanted
to slam another phone up against the wall


F#m                              A
well think about me when you're out there honey
F#m                   A
you know sometimes i will
F#m                       A
sometimes i feel like a broken stone
rolling down your hill

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