Crossfire – I Am So In Love With You chords

Left handed
I Am So In Love With You
Crossfire (youth worship band)

I do not know if Crossfire is the owner of this music or not, but I could not find these 
online anywhere... I think the lyrics and chords are right.  The song is slow between 

C#m A C#m A

C#mLord I am so in love with you
C#mMy life is hopeless without
A6All the love you reign on me
AThe songs you fill my heart to sing
C#mYour truth is like a light to me
C#mI'm blind in darkness,
A6But I fly to you on wings of grace
AThrough the shadows of your face
C#m BAnd I find peace
AI find happiness
C#m BI find rest
AI find hope to carry on
EI am so in love with you
BI am made to worship you,
A6Precious Jesus it is true
ALord, I'm so in love with you.
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