Crowded House – Even If chords

Even If
Crowded House 
By Sam Robinson

Capo 2

E Am Am E

Verse 1
E AmEven though i know you’re wrong
Am Ei can never win
E Amdisappointment i must bear
E Amunderneath my grin
Bm Athere in the darkness on the stage
Ethe sting in my tail
Bm A horizons that rise and fall
F B7and shadows grow so pale
Verse 2 creatures that come out to play go home to stay the night things i got so worried about are working out just fine PreChorus i don’t remember and in the end it’s useless to dwell ‘cos nothing good is true unless you find out for yourself Chorus
G#m Aold men be warned
D Ghe can’t be helped
G#m Aall those who went before
D Ghe can’t be helped
G#m Ait’s not your fault
D Git can’t be helped
G#myoung men
Verse 3 their imagination knows no bounds as far as i can see there’s a love that can’t be found until you set it free PreChorus in the spotlight on the stage the sting in my tale horizons that rise and fall and shadows grow so pale Chorus old men be warned he can’t be helped all those who went before he can’t be helped it’s not your fault it can’t be helped old men Instrumental - Asus2 Verse 4 even though i know you’re wrong i can never win everyone’s son thinks hes the best
E Ethey make it all up again
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