Crowded House - Nails In My Feet chords version 1

NAILS IN MY FEET	-	crowded house

Capo 3rd fret

Am My life is a house,
Bdim you crawl through the window
E Slip across the floor
Am and into the reception room
Am You enter the place
Bdim of endless per- suasion
E Like a knock on the door
Am when there's ten or more things to do
C F - Em Who is that calling
G C F - Em Are you my Com- panion?
G C Run to the water
F E on a burning beach,
F E7 and it brings me re- lief
Am Pass through the walls
Bdim to find my in tentions
E Circle 'round
Am in a strange, hypnotic state
Am I look into space
Bdim there is no con- nection
E A million points of light
Am and a conversation I can't face
C F - Em Cast me off one day
G C F - Em to lose my Inhi- bitions
G C F E Sit like a lap dog on a matron's knee
F E F - E Wear the nails of your feet
Solo Amsusb6/Am - E - Amsusb6/Am - E - Amsusb6/Am - E - Amsusb6/Am - E
Am I woke up the house,
Bdim stumbled in sideways
E The lights went on
Am and everybody screamed sur- prise
Am The savage review,
Bdim it left me gasping
E But it warms my heart
Am to see that you can do it too
C F - Em Total sur- render,
G C F - Em your touch is so tender
G C Your skin is like water
F G G7 on a burning beach
C F - Em And it brings me re- lief,
G C F - Em and it brings me re- lief,
G C F - Em - G and it brings me re- lief,
C - F - Em - G - C - F - Em - G - C - F Outro G - G7
Bdim 0x3434Amsusb6 x02201
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