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In The Lowlands
(N. Finn)


-- Tune your guitar down one 1/2-step to match the recording.

INTRO:  A4*  A     Dm

Dm C    Dm         C
oh hell trouble is coming
Dm  C       F          G
out here in panic and alarm
Dm    C      Dm            C
black shapes gather in the distance
Dm    C       F          G
looks like it won't take long
Dm          C   Dm          G
the first drops land on the window
Dm        C                 F         G
the first sign that there's something wrong
Dm      C        Dm           C        A4  A
light rain and a head full of thunder
                        Dm  C  Dm  C
which way, which way
Dm  C           F        G   Dm   C   Dm   C
two days till I get to you
Dm      C         F        G
I'll be late if I ever get through
Dm      C             Dm       C
where I go there'll be no kind welcome
Dm     C
coming down upon me

F                 C
time will keep me warm
        Dm     Am
feel my face
F               C
now the insects swarm
       G  D
in the lowlands
F                  C          Dm    Am
fear will take the place of desire
F                   C              G    D
and we will fan the flames from on high
F                     Dm   C   Dm   C
try for heavens sake

the sky fell underneath a blanket
the sun sank as the miles went by
sit back with your head on the pillow
when you remember it makes you cry
ghost cars on the freeway
like friends that you thought you had
one by one they are disappearing

time will keep me warm
feel my face
now the insects swarm
in the lowlands
fear will take the place of desire
F                   C              G
and we will fan the flames from on high

D    D/C*    Bb    A
D    D/C*    Bb    A
D    D/C*    Bb    A
Gm    F    D#    Dm   C
[Repeat this last line of chords under the following solo:]

--------------|--------------| |--------|---------------|--------------|--------------| |--------|---------------|--------------|--------------| [Repeat] |--------|---------------| [Repeat]--------------|-------3--5---| |--------|--------3--5---|-------6--5---|------------5-| |--------|-------------5-|-3--4-------7-|-3--4---------| |-3----1-|-3---4---------|
Gm F C Bb Am Gm * UNUSUAL CHORD A4 X02230 (Transcription by Marck Bailey)
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