Crowded House – Its Only Natural tab ver. 2

From: (Marck Bailey)
{title:It's Only Natural}
{subtitle:N. Finn/T. Finn}

{comment:To match the recording, capo on first fret}

MAIN GUITAR RIFF:------------------------|-----------------------||-------2--0-------------|-------2--0-----0>2>0--||-------------2-1>2>1----|-------------2---------||---0-2---------------2--|---0-2-----------------||-2----------------------|-2---------------------||------------------------|-----------------------||
INTRO: E A E A (x 4) E A E A Ice will melt, water will boil E A E A You and I can shake off this mortal coil D A It's bigger than us D A E A E A You don't have to worry about it E A E A Ready or not here comes the drop E A E A You feel lucky when you know where you are D A It's gonna come true D A Here in your arms I remember CHORUS C#m It's only natural that I should want to G#m Be there with you C#m It's only natural that you should G#m feel the same way too It's easy when you don't try Going on first impressions Man in a cage has made his confession You've seen me at my worst And it won't be the last time I'm down there I want you to know I feel completely at ease Read me like a book That's fallen down between your knees Please let me have my way with you C#m It's only natural that I should want to G#m Be there with you C#m It's only natural that you should G#m B feel the same way too E G# It's circumstantial, it's nothing written in the sky A And we don't even have to try ...
GUITAR SOLO (over an E chord):----------------------------------|----------------------------||-7>5-5--5-5-5---3>5-5>3--3>2-3>5--|-3>5--5>0--5-5-5-5>0-3-3-5--||-6>4-4--4-4-4-------4-------------|-4----4----4-4-4-4---4-4-4--||----------------------------------|----------------------------||----------------------------------|----------------------------||----------------------------------|----------------------------||
E A E A Shaking like mud, buildings of glass E A E A Sink into the bay they'll be under the rocks again D A D A You don't have to say I know you're afraid CHORUS E G# A It's circumstantial, it's something I was born to E G# A It's only natural, can't help it if I want to
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