Crowded House – There Goes God tab

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From: (Marck Bailey)
{title:There Goes God}
{subtitle:N. Finn/T. Finn}

INTRO GUITAR:---0----------------|---0-----------------|---0----------------|-0---0---0--0>1>0---|-0---0---0--0>1>0----|-0---0---0--0>1>0---|------------------2-|------------------2--|------------------2-|--------------------|---------------------|--------------------|--------------------|---------------------|--------------------|--------------------|---------------------|--------------------|
G D/F#* Em What'll I tell him B7* When he comes to me for absolution G D/F# Em Wouldn't you know it B7 Hope I don't make a bad decision D C Cos I'd like to believe D There is a god C D Why sinful angels suffer for love Am I'd like to believe In the terrible truth in the beautiful lie G D/F# Em Like to know you B7 But in this town I can't get arrested G D/F# Em If you know me B7 Why don't you tell me what I'm thinking D C Hey don't look now D There goes God C D In his sexy pants and his sausage dog Am And he can't stand Beelzebub Cos he looks so good in black, in black (verse chords for harmonica solo) CHORUS RIDE-OUT CHORDS: D C * UNUSUAL CHORDS D/F# 200232 B7 x21200
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