Crowned King - A Million Pictures tab

Hey people... This is my first tab ever. I hope to see more Crowned King stuff
on here. I'm not sure if this tab is 100% correct but it sounds good.  I am WAY
TOO LAZY to figure out the strumming pattern exactly, so you can do that yourself
because this is just to give you an idea. I'm pretty sure the whole song has 
light distortion except for a few parts. If you have any questions just email me.
			     A MILLION PICTURES - Crowned King
Tabbed by: Ian

Tuning: Standard
INTROe|--------------------------------- At the end -----------B|--------------------------------- of the 2nd -----------G|--------------------------------- repeat, finish-----------D|---7777--4444--2222--7777--5555--x2 on ---77777---A|---5555--2222--2222--7777--5555-- ---55555---E|---------------0000--5555--3333-- -----------
VERSES [on bass and lead guitar] G|-------------- -----To make it sound --------------------------- -----|D|-------------- ----- more like the --------------------------- -----|A|-5------------x2----- song try doing --0h5----------------------x2-----|E|----5--6--7--3 -2-0- this --> --------0h5--0h6--0h7--0h3- -2-0-|
PRECHORUSe|-------------- -------------|B|-------------- Just play -------------|G|--------7----- around with -------------|D|-----7-----7-- x7 that sort of ---7777777---|A|--5----------- pattern using ---7777777---|E|-------------- those notes ---5555555---|
CHORUSe|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|---------------------------|D|--7777--5555--2222--77--55-| x2A|--5555--5555--2222--77--55-|E|--------3333--0000--55--33-|
Then repeat Intro x2 but on the second time play thise|---------------------------B|---------------------------G|---------------------------D|---7777--4444--2222--7--5--A|---5555--2222--2222--7--5--E|---------------0000--5--3--
Then repeat verse (same as before) Then repeat prechorus (same as before) Then repeat chorus (same as before)
BRIDGEe|------------------- when you ---------????-|B|------------------- repeat ---------????-|G|--------------7---- you don't ---------????-| I can't figureD|--7~~~------7---7--x7 play the ---7777--????-| out what the note A|--5~~~----5-------- first ---7777--????-| with the ? is.E|------------------- chord ---5555--????-| sorry.
Then repeat chorus x2Then end one|--------|B|--------|G|--------|D|--7~~~--|A|--5~~~--|E|--------|
Then it becomes quieter and I think he repeats the intro but with no distortion. | h hammer-on | | ~ Let Ring | (I would like to apologise for the constant use of the word "then") =============================================================================
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