Crucifucks - You Give Me The Creeps tab

Band: The Crucifucks
Song: You Give Me the Creeps
Album: The Crucifucks
Tabbed by Jon 

Main Part:|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||-2----5--7--6--7--6--5-----------||-3----6--8--6--8--7--6-----------||-3----6--8--6--8--7--6-----------||-1----4--6--4--6--5--4-----------| ^Strum
Part that shifts up:|---------------------------------||-3----6--8--6--8--7--6-----------||-3----6--8--6--8--7--6-----------||-3----6--8--6--8--7--6-----------||-1----4--6--4--6--5--4-----------||---------------------------------| ^Strum
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