Crystal Castles - Untrust Us tab version 3

I have seen other tabs of this on Ultimate Guitar and I must say, they are terrible, sorry.
I have figured this song out for myself and thought I would show it to you.
(These are the chords and keyboard/vocal melodies).
I have also arranged a solo acoustic version of this song that involves playing both the melody
and the chords on acoustic guitar (capo 3). If you want me to post the tab of this, 
simply email me.

Crystal Castles
Untrust Us

Standard Tuning (EADGBE)*
*(The tuning is strange - it is like half a half step so I just play it in standard tuning)
Key: G minor/Bb major

Intro/Part A(s)

4|                   .|
4| Gm | Gm | Gm | Gm .|  x4

Verse(s)/Part B(s)

4|                     .|
4| Gm | Eb | Bb | Bb/A .|  x ...

Main Keyboard Melodies:
Intro/Part A(s)
(Listen to the song for more accurate rhythms)

  (Gm)      (Gm)

E|-6-------|---------- |B|--8-8-8--|-6-8-8-8-- | (I like to add a little vibratoG|---------|----------.| or play with a slide)D|---------|----------.| x8A|---------|---------- |E|---------|---------- |
Verse/Part B(s) (Listen to the song for more accurate rhythms) (Gm) (Eb) (Bb) (Bb/A)
(Gm) (Eb) (Bb) (Bb/A)
(Gm) (Eb) (Bb) (Bb/A)
(Gm) (Eb) (Bb) (Bb/A)
E|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|B|-----------|-----------|----------6|-----------|G|-7---------|-----------|-7---------|-----------|D|---8p7-7-7-|-8-8-8-8-8-|-------5\3-|-----------|A|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|E|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------| etc.
I would like to also mention that Crystal Castles are AWESOME and they were amazing live at Big Day Out Sydney 2011! Thank you, feel free to comment or rate this tablature, even by email. Michael Sacco Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia.
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