Cuby And The Blizzards – Window Of My Eyes chords

easy version

F E Am E
Am Gthrough the window
Dm Eof my eyes
Am GI can see
F Ethe rainey day
Dm Csitting on a chair
G Aof my home
Am Glooking for a way
Dm Eto be the one who I am
Em Dit's useless to cry
F Efor the things I want to know
Dm Ethinking it will come back
Am Eand reach my home
Am Git's like a distance
Dm Elike a distance face
Am Git's like a shadow
F Eom my wall
Dm Csomething that
G AI can't touch
Am G a heavenly
Dm Ethere's a cause
Em Dshelter of my mind
F EHides my love and my tear
Dm EI keep on looking
Am Efor the reason wich is not here
solo (same chords as lyrics)
Am Gto the window..... repeat the first part till 'and reach my home'
{no outro}
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