Cueshe – 24 Hours tab

Song: 24 HOURS
Artist: Cueshe’
Chord by: Johnny Gaengan Jr.
School: Saint Louis University (Baguio City)

intro: C (tuloy tuloy lang)
          G Am F

Verse I
         C		  G			           
	I’ve been lying here and wide awake
       Am  	             F                                        
	Till the night dies out and day to break
	 very minute seems like endless hours
	When I’m with you
Verse II
        C                        G                                         
	I miss your eyes, your smile and lovely face
       Am           F                                     
	I can’t forget those sweet embrace
        C              G                  Am
	We both could share our endless dreams
	If you were here

      C           G             Am
	Doesn’t matter if I’m alone
                  F              C
	I got a place I call my own
                  G             Am
	I don’t care if you’re away
                        F                Am        F             
	Cause I know you’ll be back someday, someday

	C – G – Am – F (2x)

Verse III
        C		    G                    Am
	I guess it’s better if we were off that way
         We’ll find ourselves and come what may
        C                    G                                     
	If I could have one wish then I will beg
     Am              F
	For you to stay


C – G – Am – F 
C – G – Am – F 
C – G – Am – F 
Am – F 
      C                   G                                      
	I’ve been lying here and wide awake
     Am               F                                                
	The sun has come for the moon to take
      C                        G                            
	I never thought that we could end like this
      Am                F
	Wish you were here 
	(mabilis ung lipat dito) Am – F – Am – F 

(chorus) (except “someday”)

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