Cueshe - Cant Let You Go chords

Intro: Bb-Gm-Dm-(2x)

Bb Gm I've been to many places
Dm I've met different racist
Bb Gm I've seen so many faces
Dm (Intro)But it's you i can't forget
Bb GmI've been through high & low
Dm'til i got nowhere to go
Bb GmI got this funny feeling
DmThat it's you i'm missing
D G So baby come on don't let this go
DYou know i love you so
DDon't throw away
GLet our love grow
D Bb-Gm-DmI can't let you go
Bb Gm We've always been so strong
DmWe almost had it all
Bb GmDon't give up now or leave
Dm Ab-Gm-G Coz we weill always be
[Chorus 2x] Bridge:
A BmLets come to think of this
A Look at all we could miss
A C#mI can't let you go!
Adlib:D-G-D-G(2x)Oooooh, i can't let you go
Oooooh, i wont let you go Oooooh, i'm never let you go Oooooh, i can't let you go
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