Cult - In The Clouds tab version 1

i heard this song and wanted to know how to paly it and it wasnt on here so i decided to
it myself so here you go

This is how I play the most parts of 'In the clouds'.  Its a pretty heavy song, so get
distortion up!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|------2---------------2-------------2----2-----X----------2-------------2--------2----------|------2---------------2-------------2----2-----X----------2-------------2--------2----------|------0---------------0-------------0----0-----X----------0-----2-----------2*-------3/5/0--|This is the opening part. Play this heavy riff again and again for most of the song.X's are mutes (or a "rest"). (Just touch the strings lightly to stop them from movinga pause in the music). The numbers separated by slashes are slides. It's kind of a sounding slide, and it may not be exactly as written, but this is the idea. The 2* maythe third fret. (I don't have my guitar with me right now.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|------9-------7------5H7P5--------------9-------7------5H7P5-----3-------5--|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|Again, I *think* this is the descending line. You can play it with a bit of delay, orcan use power chords to fill out the sound a bit. This is played over the chorus "Oh,oh, what makes you think it's Okay?"
---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|--0H2-----0H2-----0H2--------H2----------0------2--|---------------------------------------------------|..."It's Ok, Its OK, Its OK....."
...and back to the riff. I don't know the solo, but it seems to be a bunch of heavily harmonics around the 12th fret.
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