Cult - Saints Are Down chords

                       SAINTS ARE DOWN - The Cult

from the album "The Cult" 1994

written by Billy Duffy and Ian Astbury

intro A

AI'm so blind, I cannot see, you are so warm to me
AI'm not there and you are here, please take me
FmajYeah, the saints are down, oh the saints are down
F maj A The saints are down, the saints are down
ALife's so long, or short should I say?
AI am here to get it on with you today
AGirl, you should know that I love you more than I can say
ASometimes I fear all those things that come down on us anyway
A F majBut I gotta tell ya that my saints are down, my saints are down
F maj A That my saints are down let me tell you why
F maj ASaints are down the saints are down
AHey, pretty good, what do you got to say?
AWhose f*****g life is it anyway?
ADon't you know anything about anybody else?
AYou're so wrapped up in your tiny self oh let me tell you
F maj ASaints are down, yes they are your saints are down
F maj AYour saints are down the saints are down
F maj E F maj BThey're down
F maj E F maj BAnd they're not coming round
B C D C D E BYeah, they're not easily found - buried
C DAnd they're buried in the ground
C D AYeah, they're buried upside down
Rest of song plays out A and F maj Saints are down, saints are down etc etc
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