Cult - Rain1 tab

From: (Par Svensson)
Subject: GT: Rain (Cult)

As requested...

THE CULT - "Rain"

Comments, corrections etc. welcome.

Par Svensson,


Riff #1:
Intro Riff#1 x2 D5 C G Hot sticky scenes you know what I mean D5 C G Like a desert sun that burns my skin D5 F C G I've been waiting for her so long D5 F C G Open the sky (and let her come down) Riff#1 Here comes the rain, here comes the rain Riff#1 Here she comes again, here comes the rain [Power chords]: D-D-D-D-D-D-D-C- x4 D5 Hot sticky scenes... [as above] ... Riff#1 ...Here she comes again, here comes the rain Riff#1 I love the rain, I love the rain Riff#1 Here she comes again, here comes the rain Rain... Break E A D G B e D5 (probably [x 12 12 14 15 x] or something) Solo x2 Riff#1 till end
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