Cult – Rain2 tab

From: Porl 

Okay - here's 'Rain' (a 'really' easy song...) - and look at that ultra-complex
solo!  Wow!  Still, each to his own...

Here goes...



		'Rain' - The Cult (Astbury/Duffy)

	Song Pattern:

		intro x2 
		main riff x2
 		chords x2
		main riff x2
		crunched x1
		chords x2
		main riff x4
		solo intro x1
		funky chord x1
		main riff x4   (final main riff: hold final
				few notes longer to stress finale!)



(this takes the form of four simple chords (D, Am, C, and G) with
only three notes of each played, one at a time, so it runs as follows...)

(D) (Am) (C) (G) -@- Main Riff:
(Here comes the rain...oh here comes...) -@- Chords (for Verses): DDDDDDD-C----------DDDDDDDC-CCCCCCC-G-GGGGGGG-D (x2) Hot sticky scenes, You know what I mean... Like the desert sun that burns my skin... D-D-D-D-F--F-F-F-C--C-C-C-G--G-G-G (x2) I've been long, for her... Open the sky, and let her come down... -@- Crunched Chords (After 1st Chorus): (Y'know how to do these - hand resting on strings over bridge, just shutting them off...etc.) DDDDDDDC--DDDDDDDC--DDDDDDDD-D-D-FF-G---- -@- Solo Intro:
-@- Funky Chord (!): (Basically just a D (barred on the 10th fret) only just play top 3 strings, eg:)
e||---|---|-- - - - --|-o-|---|---B||---|---|-- - - - --|-o-|---|---G||---|---|-- - - - --|---|-o-|--- D||---|---|-- - - - --|---|---|---A||---|---|-- - - - --|---|---|--- E||---|---|-- - - - --|---|---|--- - - 10th fret
Play in a "funk" fashion (ie. strumming a constant rhythm (a fast one) lifting fingers away from frets to 'kill' the strings and create rhythm patterns) for 8 bars... -@- Solo:
-@- C'est finis. ----- As for Floorshow - keep at it! It'll click eventually, it's all about rhythm (and blagging it!) All the best. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++PORL @+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + "And the rapids of my + 'Drifting on Relentless Time' + csi020 + + heart, will tear your + E A R T H C A L L I N G + @cch.cov.+ + ship of love apart." - Coil + A N G E L A + +
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