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Additions, corrections welcome!
Tabbing this would have been a lot easier if I'd had my friends' video
with a zoom and slow motion!

                          SHE SELLS SANCTUARY
                              The Cult

Tune your guitar up a semitone (seems a common feature of goth songs!)
I can't get their tone on my setup, but it helps to use the front two pickups
and turn the treble right down on the amp.

I have a suspicion the song is based on some species of sliding Em scale,
which means there could be better ways of fingering a lot of the notes
or putting in slides in different places. You'll just have to work out what
sounds good/is easy to play yourself! For the time being I'll put brackets
round notes when I'm not sure where they're played, or if they're not always
played every time, or if I can't tell which is played!

14>15 slide up    15>14 slide down    12h14 hammer on  15p12 pull off

INTRO=====The least accurate part of the tab first... played with phasing and repeatpedals so you can't work it out...e-----12-----------------------------------------------------------------------B-(15)---15-14--15-14--14>12-------(12)---------------------------------------G----------------------------14-14-(14)--14>12--12>14--14>12--(9)--------------D-------------------------------------------------------------(14)-------------AE
RIFF A played twice======e-12---------------------------------------------------------------------------B----15-14--15-14--14>12-(8--8)--(12)-------------------(12)------*--*---------G------------------------(14-14)-(16)-12--12>14--14>12--(16)--14>12-12--(12>14)DAE
other ending> e B-------12-12-----14--15--- G-------------14--14------
On the beats marked with an asterisk someone strums an F chord on an accoustic with lovely new strings! Towards the end of the song the riff is played again with the alternative ending. Verse 1 (touch the sun etc) Sounds like someone's playing a palm-muted F power chord in the verses and strumming different strings, kind of like e 6 6 B 6 6 G 5 5 5 5 5 5 D 3 3 3 3 A E
RIFF B played twice======e-(10>)-12x7-14-12----12-----------------------------------------------------B------------------15----15-14--12x4--15-14-12>10--10>12--14-15--------------GDAE
verse 2 (the succour in your eyes keeps me alive) The world drags me down Riff A played twice verse 3 (touch the sun...) Riff B x 2 The fire in your eyes keepsme alive And somehow(Where?) you'll find Sanctuary... And the world drags me down Intro played again! 'Sanctuary' sung, another riff played in background
e--12-----------three times, then--12--------------------------------------B-----15-14-12-----------------------15-14-(last note held a bit)----------
and the world.... 1st half of intro played Riff A with the alternative ending 1st half of intro played again at very end! James There's a man playing a violin, and the strings are the nerves in his own arm. - J O'Barr
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