Cult - Soldier Blue tab

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I did not tab this and thank you to Pedro Sousa for tabbing this kik ass song out!

Soldier Blue

the cult - sonic temple 1989

transcribed by pedro sousa (

here's another great song from the also great sonic temple, in my opinion it's pretty 
I have doubts about the pre-chorus though. send me any corrections!

 /       - slide
 ~       - vibratto
 .       - stacatto
 h       - hammer on
 p       - pull off
 (5)     - grace note (slides)
        - artificial harmonic
 b       - b
 brp     - bend release pull off
 ?       - when I can't make out the lyrics

intro: x4 with some whammy bar effects (try the harmonic at 7th fret second string)

1st/3rd 2nd 4the-----------------------|-------|------|b-----------------------|-------|------|g---2--4p(2)-4p(2)-4----|--7~~--|--2---|d---2--4p(2)-4p(2)-4----|--7~~--|--2---|a---0--2-----2-----2----|--5~~--|--0---|E-----------------------|-------|------|
riff 1 chords: B5 A5 D5 E5/A5
verse 1: . . . . chords: B5 B5A5 D5 E5/A5 * *play A5 right after B5 (listen to the song) soldier blue bloodstained red hey people it's gonna bust your head a real bad dream yeah you know it's true kiss his boots or you'll be through out of the night comes a soldier ridin' line you up in his gun sight pre-chorus: slide to A5 only the last time chords: B5 A5 D5 E5/A5
this is played over the pre choruse--------------------------------------|b-------------------------------14b-14-|g-2~-4~-5~-7~-9~-11~-12~-14~-16~-------|d--------------------------------------|a--------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------|
his mind's exploded ego's overloaded hey children started runnin' chorus: same as riff1 x2 soldier blue love is out of season soldier blue yeah ain't fighting for no reason no no verse 2: same as the first but the D5 rings out more and has small slide before it a soldier blue a soldier fried he's gonna bust up everything in sight a real heavy dude in a killing mood pack your bags or you'll be through you'll be through yeah it's guaranteed to shater all your dreams pre-chorus: chorus: interlude: palm muted root notes
use this clean bit when necessary in this parte--0-----0-----0------------|b----0-----0-----0----------|g------2-----2-----2--------|d---------------------------|a---------------------------|E---------------------------|
B D\A B I see the sunset sea on fire ships burn off the coast of orion G B A dreams of peace wait on the horizon for yee B D\A clouds filled with blood rain on the water B G B A ????? night time fingers clench the last ???? D\B D\A B G B A our sister rides a horse of apocalypse now is the closing during this last phrase play the same thing but strike the chords between the root notes (heavy metal style) play this over it
part 1 (play the intro) love has no season come on shake it stealere-------------------------10b-hold-rp7--------------------------------------------------|b---9b-9b-9b-9b-9b-9b-9b----------------10-7-10/(12)~~----------------------------|g---9b-9b-9b-9b-9b-9b-9b--------------------------------7-7-7--7-7---7-7------9~~-7~~~~-|d-------------------------------------------------------9-----9----9-----9~~------------|a---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
part 2: chords: B5 D5 E5 B5 D5 B5 * * end it here the second time
chorus: the end uses the same chords as riff 1 but the phrasing is different once again you must listen to the song, there's also a solo over it. B5 A5 D5 E5/ suggestions, corrections, comments welcome at
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