Cults – Bumper chords

Good song, and very easy to play.

Capo 6

C  Am  C  Am

C AmHe had been untrue
C AmI had learned of all his lies
C AmI took a look in her eyes
C Amand she caught me by surprise
C AmI threw his shit on the floor
C AmShe rushed me out of the door
C AmHe tried to explain
C AmI didn't do anything
C AmI knew that he was bad
C AmNever knew just what he had
C AmI guess I don't have a life
C AmBut I'll find one soon in time
C AmStarted crying my eyes out
C Am
C AmI wish we never met
C AmI never had a regret
C AmI had it up to here
C AmI can't take this anymore
C AmIf she's this crazy now
C AmThere's no telling what's in store
F G C AmMaybe I should start a life with someone new
F G (let ring) And give up all my hopes for.
C AmI went on a drive
C AmAnd he caught me by surprise
C AmI took a look in her eyes
C AmAnd said I need you in my life
C AmI'm in love with him
C AmI'm in love with her
C AmYou gotta give me the chance
C AmLa la la la la
Outro: C Am x5
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