Cure - Untitled tab

i was really surprised to know that nobody posted any tabs to this song so i
decided to put them up here myself. i really love this song and its a great way
to end the album Disintegration and its fun to play.

this page includes the accordion (keyboards), the bass, and the lead guitars. so
thats pretty much all the instruments.

lets begin with the intro, the accordian:

KEYBOARDS (for guitar):

e|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|-2---4--------------| x 3D|-0-------4---2------|A|-------------3------|E|--------------------|
e|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--------------------| x 2D|--4-2-0------2------|A|------2---2--3------|E|--------------------|
e|-5-------------------|B|----8--7-------5-----|G|----------7-7--------| x 3D|---------------------|A|---------------------|E|---------------------|
e|---------------------|B|--5-7--8-7-----5-----|G|-7----------7--------| x 2D|---------------------|A|---------------------|E|---------------------|
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