Cure – Lament tab

LAMENT                                                        THE CURE
lyrics by:Robert Smith
published on: Ficton Records, 1984
tab by_graph_sas

One of my favorites of The Cure!!
Enjoy it!! ^^
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Dm                 Em
Today there was a tragedy
F              G
Underneath the bridge
A man walked
Cold and blue
         F   G         
Into La Ment
     Dm            Em
The sky coloured perfect
        F           G
As the man slipped away
G               Em          Bb
Waving with a last vanilla smile
Dm              Em
Somewhere at a table
F                 G
Two drowned fools
          Em            F       G
Drinking water as they talked
Dm                     Em 
Of how they loved our lady
    F                G
And oh the smell as candles die
G        Em               Bb
One more ice cream river body
G        Em              Bb
Flowed underneath the bridge
G                 Dm
Underneath the bridge
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