Cure - The Upstairs Room chords

THE UPSTAIRS ROOM - The Cure  (1983)

From "Japanese Whispers" great song! The chords are the same of "The Holy Hour" + G Chord,
Sorry for lazy tab. It's easy!!
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AmI love it all
EmThese games we play
AmI close my eyes
Em You run away
Am EmI'm sure I asked you to stay
F GBut now you're gone
AmAnd so I feel the grey
EmPulse in my head
Am EmI turn off the lights and crawl into bed
Am EmI try to think of sunshine
FBut my body goes wet
GWith the first crash of thunder
Am F Am FI don't think I can know
Am FAnyone but you dear
F GThat's for sure
Riff is: [Am, Em] x3 , F, G Follow the Riff over the verses: When it gets to four It's my turn to go Oh the kiss So alcoholic and slow Arranging me for Saturday I thought you would know That I always sleep Alone Brigde: I don't think I can know Anyone but you Dear That's for sure The upstairs room is cool and bright We can go up there in summer And dance all night Break:
G AmYour sister started talking at a minute after ten
GSo everyone jumped up
AAnd then fell over again
G AmIn April you can join them and stare at me
F GAt the ghost from your past
Am EmAt the ghost from your past
A ghost from your past,... Riff is: [Am, Em] x3 , F, G
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