Cure - The Drowning Man chords version 1

Words by: R.Smith  Music by: The Cure  published by: Fiction Records, 1981
Tabbed by: graph_sas

Tuning: normal 
Intro: Dm, Em, Bb

Riff 1: [Dm, Em, Bb]

Dm Em She stands twelve feet above the flood
BbShe stares
Alone Across the water
Dm EmThe loneliness grows and slowly
BbFills her frozen body
Sliding downwards Riff 2: [G, F#, Bb]
G F#One by one her senses die
BbThe memories fade
And leave her eyes
G F#Still seeing worlds that never were
Bb Repeat Riff 1: [Dm, Em, Bb] x2And one by one the bright birds leave her ...
Repeat Riff 2: [G, F#, Bb] x 2
Dm EmStarting at the violent sound
BbShe tries to turn
But final Noiseless
Dm EmSlips and strikes her soft dark head
BbThe water bows
Receives her
G F# BbAnd drowns her at its ease
G F# BbDrowns her at its ease
Dm EmI would have left the world all bleeding
BbCould I only help you love
Dm Em BbThe fleeting shapes so many years ago
So young and beautiful and brave
G F#Everything was true
BbIt couldn't be a story
G F#I wish it was all true
BbI wish it couldn't be a story
DmThe words all left me
BbBreathing like the drowning man
Dm EmOh Fushia
You leave me
Bb G, F#, BbBreathing like the drowning man
Bb G, F#, BbBreathing like the drowning man
Repeat Riff 1,and 2 two times alternately to the end...
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