Cure – The Holy Hour tab

From: Winston Campbell 
Subject: The Holy Hour by The Cure

Here is the bass tab and chords for the Cure song -The Holy Hour- written by
The Cure.  It is off of their depressing =faith= album.  A friend of mine,
veronica,, figured out the Em and Am bass progression.
 I figured out that it was Am to Em and the F bass portion.

Here is the basic bass part for the chords:

       Am             Em           F

G --------3-3-2-2----------------|-------------------------------|D -----------------------3-3-2-2-|--------3-3-2-2--------3-3-2-2-|A -----0-------------------------|-------------------------------|E -3-3------------3-3-0----------|-3-3-1----------3-3-1----------|
(Basically the verse is just Am to Em and the chorus is F)
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