A Reflection tab with lyrics by Cure - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Cure – A Reflection tab

Riff A:

   A5        Bb        Gm         A5

E -5-------|-6------|--3-------|--5------||B -5-------|-6------|-(3)------|--5------||G -x-----5-|-7------|--3---6-3-|--x------||D -7-------|-8------|--5-------|-(7)-----||A -7---7---|-8------|--5-------|--7------||E -5-------|-6------|--3-------|--5------||
(The number in the parenthesis is the note that is accented by the piano playing) Riff B: Fmaj7 F5
E -0------|-------||B -1------|-------||G -2------|-------||D -3------|-3-----||A -3------|-3-----||E -1------|-1-----||
Play: Riff 1 (4x), Riff 2 (4x), Riff 1 (4x)
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