Cure - Friday Im In Love tab

Artist: The Cure
Song: Friday Im In Love
Album: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

Tuning: E,A,D,G,B,e (standard)
Transcribed by Xombie

NOTE: these are Robert's acoustic parts. I didn't tab
out the electric parts from the album version of the song.
This tab is arranged for a solo acoustic.

My advice would be to improvise for the electric parts
if you plan to cover this song, as Robert dubs his own
lead parts over his rhythm riffs with the same acoustic
in album version, and the electrics are then layered
over top of the acoustic layers.

Also, the electric lead figures are played as accents to
to Robert's acoustic accents that he dubs over his rhythm
riff, this way you will be able to maintain a unique sound.

INTRO/Rhythm Figure 1

Rhythm Fig.1 continued
BREAKDOWN/BRIDGE (Saturday, wait... and Sunday always comes too late)
That's pretty much it, kids. You can figure out the structure by listening to the song put together you're own version. Besides, that's how good covers are made ;) Enjoy. XOMBiE
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