Cure – Jumping Someone Elses Train tab

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Here is Jumping Someone Else's Train in chopro format.  I got the original
from the Cure directory.

--------------------cut here------------------------------------------------

{title:Jumping Someone Else's Train}
{st:The Cure}


{comment:Guitar 1 (chords):}

[F#m]         [A]         [D]
[F#m]         [A]         [D]
[F#m]         [A]         [D]         [C#m]

{comment:Guitar 2 (tab):}

{comment:verse:} [Bm] Don't say what you [C#m]mean you might spoil your [F#m]face If you walk in a [A]crowd you won't leave any [D]trace It's always the [C#m]same You're jumping someone else's train (intro tab) [Bm] It won't take you [C#m]long to learn the new [F#m]smile You have to [A]adjust or you'll be out of [D]style It's always the [C#m]same You're jumping someone [F#m]else'[A]s [D]train {comment:Bridge:} [F#m] [A] [D] [F#m] [A] [D] [C#m] {comment:verse:} [Bm] It's the latest [C#m]wave that you've been craving [F#m]for The old [A]idea is getting such a [D]bore Now you're [C#m]back in line Goin' [Bm]not quite as far but in [A]half the time [G#m]Everyone's happy That they're [F#m]finally all the [E]same 'cause everyone is jumping everybody [F#m]else'[A]s [D]train {comment:closing bridge:} [F#m] [A] [D] [F#m] [A] [D] [C#m] -------------cut here--------------------------------------------------- -Joe -- =============================================================================== Joseph S. Kang papernet: Joseph Kang St. Olaf College internet: 1500 St. Olaf Avenue voicenet: (507)646-2057 Northfield, MN 55057-1001 ===============================================================================
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