Current-93 - A Gothic Lovesong chords

               Current 93: A Gothic Lovesong

Am F G EmI'm clicking your fingers for a gothic twilight
Am F G EmThat actually existed just in your head
F EmYour fingernails painted black
FOr bloodred
G G7I forget
F GAnd your fake-leather volumes
C AmJabbering on hell
F G Em AmManifest decadence was what you hoped to exhail
F G AmYour eyes tried so hard to glitter
Am FA star-snuffing black
G EmSo you opened your books
Am FAnd you opened your legs
G EmAnd so opened your heart
F EmAnd let in the badness
FYou claimed
G G7As your friend
Am FWith un-angels hovering
G EmLike flies round the orchard
Am FThat had covered your soul
G EmTheir empire increasing
F EmAnd your country
F G G7Deserted by yourself
F G C AmThe bells of St. Mary call us to remember
F G EmThat life is with end
F GAnd the gestures can kill us
C AmMoreover destroy
F G AmAnd there is one judgment only
Am FYour letters came daily
G EmIn French or in German
Am FBut they meant to me nothing
G EmI caught the slow cords
F Em F G G7And dry ice fogging your mind
F G C AmI see all too clearly now
F G EmWhy you could be discarded
F GAnd though I could pray for you
C AmI probably shan't
F G EmHaving had my cup filled up
FWith your lies
G C AmAnd your makeup
F GYou were nothing
C AmThinking you're something
F G C AmAnd nonetheless I still write this gothic lovesong
F GA sign to myself
C AmAnd the memory of my past
F G C AmI still write this gothic lovesong
F GA sign to myself
C AmAnd the memory of my past
F G AmAnd a way to shut out your face
(I'm not saying this is great, but it works - the original is played on the piano, as well know. Enjoy, and thanks from the heart Steven Stapleton!)
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