Current-93 – The Inmost Light tab

     The Inmost Light/The Inmost Light Itself
 Two songs with one melody.
 Chords progression: Am   G   Am   G  Em G Em
 It sounds like that (just listen the song):
 Am,,, G,,,
 Am,,, G... Em Em G G Em
 Am,,, G,,,
 Am,,, G... Em Em G G Em

 The Inmost Light:

 though i walk through valley after valley after valley 
 and find only shadows 
 though i walk and find only shadow 
 the sun falls behind the yew bushes 
 i young in different shapes stand next to them 
 the old chapel is to my right 
 the shadows then lengthen and there again the long shadows fall

 when i saw the shadows and starres fall around me as a boy 
 i knew this world all we see be and are is imperium
 Empire of Nothing

 (I'm not giving lyrics for "The Inmost Light Itself" - 
 it's large piece, so looking it in Internet by yourself).
 aleister, Irkutsk, Russia
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