Current-93 - Black Sun Bloody Moon tab

Current 93 
"Black Sun Bloody Moon"
Album: Swastikas for Goddy/Swastikas for Noddy

The Chords:

Am C DE|----0---0---2----|B|----1---1---3----|G|----2---0---2----|D|----2---2---0----|A|----0---3--------|E|-----------------|
Am the sun turns black C earth sinks into sea Am from their steadings in heaven C D Am the bright stars turn Am C fire and reek burl upwards and break Am C D Am with hazy heat against heaven itself Am C Am C D Am Am brother fights with brother C they butcher each other Am daughters and sons C D Am incestuously mix Am C man is a plaything of mighty whoredoms Am an axe-time Am a sword time C D Am shields shall be split Am one day, all fade C before the world ends Am C D Am Am C (only 2 strums, then pause) and what if something were breeding D(3 strums) Am(1 strum) beneath our feet Enjoy, Vaggs... Former Official Homepage: Official Durtro Records and Current 93 Homepage:
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