Cursive - The Recluse Acoustic chords

This Version is derived from here
now all you need is someone who can play the cello.....

Anything in parenthesis is optional or implied by the lyric, 
absolutely feel free to play what feels good. 

chords: and as a possible substitute for Dmin7no5 Ebmaj7 Dmin Dmin7no5 Gmin Fmaj (D7no5)e|-------3------(1)-------------------------------------------------------| B|-------3-------3-------3-------3-------1-------------------3------------|G|-------3-------2-------5-------3-------2-------------------5------------|D|-------5-------3-------3-------5-------3-------------------4------------|A|-------6-------0-------5-------5-------3-------------------5------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Bass notes on the E string are optional if you wish to add them, I didn't because the song simply feels too sedate for that nonsense. For the simple people..... Capo: 3rd fret
Ebmaj7 Dmin Dmin7no5 Gmin Fmaj (D7no5)e|---------------2-----------------------2--------------------------------|B|-------0-------3-------0-------0-------3-------------------0------------|G|-------0-------4-------2-------0-------2-------------------2------------|D|-------2-------4-------0-------2-------0-------------------1------------|A|-------3-------2-------2-------2---------------------------2------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: Ebmaj7 Dmin x8
Ebmaj7 (Dmin) I wake alone
(Ebmaj7) (Dmin) in a woman's room I hardly know.
Ebmaj7 Dmin I wake alone
Ebmaj7 Dminand pretend that I am finally home.
Ebmaj7 DminThe room is littered
Ebmaj7 Dmin with her books and notebooks
Ebmaj7 Dmin I imagine what they say, like,
Ebmaj7 Dmin "Shoo fly don't bother me."
Ebmaj7 Dmin Ebmaj7I can hardly get myself out of the bed
Dmin Ebmaj7 Dmin Ebmaj7for fear of never lying in this bed again.
Dmin Oh Christ, I'm
Dmin7no5 that
Gmin Fmaj desperate.
Ebmaj7 Oh no,
Dmin7no5 oh God. Gmin I am. Ebmaj7 Dmin x8
(Ebmaj7) (Dmin) (Ebmaj7) How'd I end up here to begin with?
(Dmin) I don't know.
(Ebmaj7) (Dmin) (Ebmaj7)Why do I start what I can't finish?
(Dmin) Ebmaj7Oh please don't barrage me
Dminwith the questions
Ebmaj7 Dminto all those ugly answers.
Ebmaj7 DminMy ego's like my stomach,
Ebmaj7 Dmin it keeps shitting what I feed it.
Ebmaj7 Dmin Ebmaj7 Dmin But maybe I don't want to finish anything anymore.
Ebmaj7 Dmin Ebmaj7Maybe I can wait in bed 'til she comes home
Dminand whispers,
Ebmaj7 Gmin Fmaj"You're in my web now,
Ebmaj7 Gmin I've come to wrap you up tight
Fmaj'til it's time to bite down."
D#maj7 Dmin x8
(Ebmaj7)(Dmin)I wake alone
(Ebmaj7) (Dmin)in a woman's room I hardly know.
(Ebmaj7)(Dmin)I wake alone
(Emaj7) (Dmin)and pretend that I am finally home.
Ebmaj7 Dmin x8 Continue with "home" end on the note G (E string 3rd fret, 0 on e string for the capo)
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