Cute Is What We Aim For - Teasing To Please tab

This is my first tab, but im pretty sure its mostly correct. if not, let me know. :)

Tuning: Standard

-CHORDS USED-G- - - 320033D- - - x00232
Cadd9- 032030C- - - 032010Em - - 022000
*VERSE ONE* G And so typically, So typically D Soft, set back and perfectly dropped Cadd9 C Tough and learn it's so perfectly taught G I am as she does, You are as she was D And that's because, And that's because Cadd9 C But you never try, But you never try *BRIDGE* (strum each chord once) G D Cause Cconflict and make your top pick Cadd9 C Restich my ripped jeans and take the old ones Take the old ones out G D Back so them tight at the seems please Cadd9 C I got so many ripped jeans, ripped jeans *CHORUS* - G Cadd9 I'm selfish as selfish comes, C D Em G You're giving me a run, for my money...honey *SECOND VERSE - Same chords and stumming/palm muting as first verse* This is a hint that you take And you pull and you find you way out of What you got your self into But when you try, but when you try To get out you'll ne-ever find That most definitly i will be attracted to you If you pick my left side because You know how we do (we do) *CHORUS* *BRIDGE* *CHORUS x2*
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