Cyrkle – I Wish You Could Be Here tab

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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 22:46:38 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers 
Subject: c/cyrkle/i_wish_you_could_be_here.crd

                       "I Wish You Could Be Here"
                      (Paul Simon - Bruce Woodley)


	acoustic guitars and bass [2X]:

G6 Fmaj7/G v v v v v v v v -------7-----0---|-----|-------------0---|-----| ---8-------------|-----|-------10--------|-----| -9---------------|--%--|-9-10------------|--%--| -----------------|-----|-----------------|-----| -----------------|-----|-----------------|-----| -----------------|-----|-----------------|-----| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ tacet 1st time
Verse 1: G6 Lookin' from my window Fmaj7/G At the freshly fallen snow G6 That sparkles as it tumbles Fmaj7/G Upon the street below Em And the crackle of the fire FaddG Is laughing in my ear C And the room is warm and sleepy F C Bb D I wish you could be here [repeat second half of intro] Verse 2: Sundays in this town There's not a lot for me to do I've been listening to some records But my thoughts have turned to you I try to read the paper But the words aren't very clear And I know there's something missing F C Bb I wish you could be here F C Bb D I wish you could be here [repeat intro] [key change to Ab - acoustic guitars remain in G (capo I)] Ab6 I keep listening for your footsteps Gbmaj7/Ab Or your key turned in the door Ab6 I sure could use your company Gbmaj7 But we've been through that before Fm The winter's going to last GbaddAb A long time this year Db I've got lots of empty time to kill Gb Db Cb I wish you could be here Gb Db Cb I wish you could be here Gb Db Cb Eb I wish you could be here [repeat intro (in Ab) to fade] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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