Calexico – Girl In The Forest chords

[Picking pattern]
Em7 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
d|------0-----0---0--| A|------2-----2---2--|F#|------1-----1---1--| D|-------------------| A|----------2---2----| D|--2-----2----------|
[Riff 1]
D6 E F# 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
d|------0-----0---0-----0------------| A|------2-----2---2-----2------------|F#|------0-----0---0-----0------------| D|-----------------------------------| A|----------0---0--------------------| D|--0-----0---------0-----0-2-2-4-4--|
[Verse 1]
D6 N.C.Well the girl in the forest
N.C. Em7Reached out to ease my worried mind
G G6 A6 D6Stopped me from falling into a downward spiral
D6 N.C. Em7I was worn by the city until I finally let go
G G6 A6 D6Drifted out to the Sierras on an empty road
[Bridge 1]
Em7And careless love
D6Won't get you far
Em7I found a book of John Muir's
G A D6In an abandoned car
[Verse 2]
D6 N.C.Mmm well the world was spinning so fast
N.C. Em7Nobody took the time
G G6 A6It was the girl in the forest
Riff 1 Who opened my eyes [Bridge 2]
G6 A6 Riff1What part of nature can you honestly say
G6 A6 Bm G5 F# EmIs beyond your explanations for short term gain
F# Bm A A G5 F#5Something's got to change before everything's
[Verse 3]
E5 D6 N.C. Em7Gonna disappear right before our eyes
G6 A6 DAnd we finally face ourselves alone in the forest
A G D A G D6 Em7 D6Where so much rides on which path we decide oh, mmm
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