cavetown – 16 04 16 Jacks Song chords

G B Em D7 x2

[Verse 1]
GI remember the view out the back of the car
BLeft the front door wide open
EmMaybe it's a sign that we shouldn't be going
D7I didn't realize it'd be so hard
G BYou and me, sitting on the trampoline
EmI think one time we fell asleep
D7Woke up and felt like it'd been weeks
And now it truly has been
G B(Forgive yourself)
It wasn't meant to be but it's funny how
EmLife dealt this cheat
D7To someone who could handle it so well
G BAnd while you sleep in the pouring rain
EmJust know I'll be with you someday
D7And I'll have a good one 'til then
Just like you told me G B Em D7 [Verse 2]
G BI wish we could’ve played that game sometime
EmI wish we’d talked more online
D7I’m glad you liked my picture
I stuck it up inside my locker
GBecoming disconnected
Really puts into perspective
BHow important every friend is who makes you wanna live
Em D7And this time it’s okay to cry
G B Em D7 -pause- [Bridge]
GBlack sweatpants and pasta with ketchup
BWhen your sister ate the slug it was the grossest thing ever
EmCollecting beetles in the garden together
C D7You're welcome anytime in my dreams
G B Em D7 [Verse 3]
G BMuddy hands and climbing trees
EmSink-tall while we brush our teeth
D7Striped shirts and hide and seek
GIt's all coming back to me
BWhile you sleep on a sunny day
EmJust know I'll remember you always
D7And no matter how much it hurts
GIt's not goodbye, just see you later
BAnd while you sleep in the pouring rain
EmJust know I'll be with you someday
DAnd I'll have a good one 'til then
GJust like you told me
[Outro] B Em D G
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