This Circus chords with lyrics by Chevelle - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Chevelle – This Circus chords

[Verse 1]
EmWhat did I have to lose
DBeing negative
EmI bled through the snow
DThen never sat down
EmIt's clear for today
DYou're sleazy at night
Em DAs soon as we hear we will run
Em DOr start swinging
C GStart swinging
Em CFor below, there begging for it
EmI want my way
DNever settle, always learning
Em CPeople, they beg us for it
EmI'm on my way
DBetter settle, almost there
Em D C EmThis might just feed the mother of all needs
DTurning over here
[Verse 2]
EmLuck must fight over me
DAnd never give in to
Em DWeird out the soul, replace it with salt
Em D EmI live within sight of this medicine man how perfectly
DSure of this circus
Em DI start swinging
C DWe start swinging
Em D C Em'Cause this might just feed the mother of all needs
D C EmTurning over, heard it all so clear
D C EmThe mother of all needs
D CTurning over, heard it oh so
EmJust run them off
Em C EmOr grab and hold
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