Chris Knight – Saved By Love chords

G  Cadd9  x4

[Verse 1]
G Cadd9I wasn't stranded in the desert
G Cadd9I wasn't drifting out to sea
G Cadd9I was in no kind of danger
G Cadd9That would be the death of me
D Em7But when you took me in your arms
Cadd9Like an angel from above
DI was saved
Cadd9Saved by love
[Verse 2]
G Cadd9I wasn't strung out in some alley
G Cadd9With a habit I couldn't kick
G Cadd9Wasn't lost in dark depression
G Cadd9I wasn't hurting, I wasn't sick
D Em7Didn't have all that I needed
Cadd9But what I had seemed like enough
DTill I was saved
Cadd9Saved by love
D GYou don't long for what you don't know
Cadd9 GYou don't miss what you never had
D Em7You just watch your life float on by
Cadd9Not too good, not too bad
D Em7Looking back before you found me
Cadd9What a sad, sad case I was
DTill I was saved
Cadd9Saved by love
[Interlude] G Cadd9 x2 [Verse 3]
G Cadd9Now I look at all the wrong turns
G Cadd9I've passed along the way
G Cadd9The dead ends I'd have raced down
G Cadd9And the price I would've paid
D Em7There but for the grace of you
Cadd9Who knows where I'd wound up
DBut I was saved
Cadd9Saved by love
DYeah, I was saved
GSaved by love
[Outro] G Cadd9 x8
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