Chris Loid – Fishin Hole chords

F  F  F   F   F   F  F  F

[Verse 1]
F F F FSittin’ down by the water, everything’s fine. Catfish are nibblin’ on the end of my line.
F F F FSun is ‘a singin’, there’s a star in the sky. Moon sayin’ “howdy” to a hawk flyin’ by.
Bb Bb Bb BbI got my mug ‘o coffee, lantern’s on low. Fireflies are dancein’ top the water below.
F F F FListenin’ to the rhythm of an old croakin’ frog. Pack of coyotes, yah, they’re singin’ along.
Eb Eb Bb BbThe more I think about it Mother Nature’s got soul. Swinging with the symphony
F F F FAt my old fishin’ hole.
[Verse 2]
F F F FLookin’ back on the memories of the years that flew by. Skinny dippin’ with a girlfriend on a hot summer night.
F F F FShe said she loved me, so we gave it a try. Got my education ‘neath the stars in the sky.
Bb Bb Bb BbShe’d lie to her daddy ‘bout where she would go, she’d meet me halfway down on an old gravel road.
F F F FWe’d walk to the water, sit on a log. Talk about our future, then one day she was gone.
Eb Eb Bb BbShe moved away and took a piece of my soul. I learned about love and heartache
F FAt my old fishin’ hole.
[Chorus 1]
Eb Bb F FIt’s where I talked to the moon, I prayed for love. I’ve cussed up a storm when life got rough.
Eb Bb F FThis place has always been a good friend to me.
Eb Bb F FSome need substance to escape but I just get my pole and head down to the lake.
G G C CCuz nothin’ gets me higher than a cool, calm, midnight breeze.
[Solo] Eb Bb F F Eb Bb C C C C F F F F [Verse 3]
F F F FMany years later I bought the land with the lake full of memories that made me this man.
F F F FForty wooded acres, built a cabin and then got married to a woman, she’s my best friend.
Bb Bb Bb BbWe’ve got a couple kids, three roamin’ dogs, twenty five chickens, and two FFA hogs.
F F F FAnd there’s a special place where I spend my time, where life slows down, and peace I can find.
Eb Eb BbI’ll tell ya, friends, when Jesus takes my soul just spread my ashes
F FIn my old fishin’ hole.
Eb Eb Bb BbI’ll tell ya, friends, when Jesus takes my soul just spread my ashes
F F F F F F FIn my old fishin’ hole.
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