Christ For The Nations – Because Of You chords

E B C#m A

E B C#m A E B C#m ANever before have I felt so alive
Never before have I thought I could fly Never before have I ever been so free Cuz being with you I now begin to see [Pre-Chorus]
F#m G#m A BThat your presence overwhelms me
E B Because of you I can dance
C#m ABecause of you I lift my hands
C#m B ABecause of you I can sing, I am free
[Verse] [Chorus] [Bridge] E B C#m A
E B C#mWe're jumping, shouting, dancing, spinning, singing
Athere is freedom! (x10 [5 times pm - 5 times full strum])
[Chorus] - 2x [Bridge]
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