City Harvest Church – Irrevocable chords


ATrouble May Come For A Moment
F#mBut You've Set Me Free
ASorrow May Darken The Night
F#m D/ABut Your Mercy Brings New Light
F#mThough The Mountains Tremble
DThe Skies May Tumble
A/C# DYour Hold On Me Remains
F#mThough The Hills May Vanish
DThe Rivers Run Dry
Bm DBut Your Love Is Forever The Same
AYour Word, Irrevocable
DYour Grace, Undeniable
F#m EYour Love, Unconditional
Bm DI Believe, I Believe
F#m E D DI Believe ….. I Believe
F#m E D DI Believe ….. In You, In You
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