Cuco – We Had To End It chords

[Verse 1]
Dmaj7 Em7Me and my lover came to an end
A7I didn't want that
Dmaj7But I guess she did
[Verse 2]
Dmaj7 Em7Sleepless nights have only begun
A7Swear I thought she was the one
Dmaj7The girl of my dreams
[Verse 3]
Dmaj7 Em7All my nightmares came to ruin my life
A7Mercy had no time
Dmaj7And time had no mercy on me
[Verse 4]
Dmaj7 Em7I felt so dumb thinking one day you could be my wife
A7Never thought you would lie
Dmaj7When you said you loved me
[Verse 5]
Dmaj7 Em7Nothing can bring me back to life
A7After you left me to die
Dmaj7On a road far away
[Verse 6]
Dmaj7 Em7Love and lies shine so bright
A7'Cause they both made me blind
Dmaj7And I crashed as I looked away
[Verse 7]
Dmaj7 Em7Ghost of my past haunts my present
A7As there he welcomed
Dmaj7My agony and pain
[Verse 8]
Dmaj7 Em7He said I'll be gone before you know
A7Just finish this song
Dmaj7And you'll be where you belong
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