Current Swell – Getaway Van chords



GFor all those times when you're bent down and busted
CYou know no one and no one can be trusted
EmYou are all alone
AmYou have no place where you can stay
GWondering around same old places
CPeople you don't know are getting upon all in your face
EmSo why don't you leave
AmGet in my van and will get away
GSay that I'm lucky
CBut I'm just willing
EmSay that I'm a dreamer
AmBut my dreams I'm fulfilling
GWhatever I say I do
C EmI promise you i will succeed now.
GAnd you say that I'm falling
CBut my jaw stand choking
EmAnd you say that you promised,
Ambut your promise was broken
GBut if you want I'll pick you up
C Emin my van and I'll take you to see.
AmHow easy it can be to get away...
[Solo] G C Em Am G C Em Am G C Em Am G C Em Am (2 chords per bar) G C Em Am G C Em Am G C Em Am G C Em Am (back to normal) [Verse]
GYou're not gonna make it,I just hate to say it
Cbut things don't always go your way
EmI'm not gonna hold your back
Amcan't you see that it's not all up to me
GI'll pick you up from your very front door
Ccause my getaway van always has room for one more
Em AmAnd it's your last chance so you should come with me to see now
GHow easy it can be to get away! Get away!
CAnd I won't come back,
EmGet away, Get away
Am GIt's as simple as that it could be to, Get away
Cto Get away,
Emto Get away,
GGet away
CNothing at all
EmGet away, Get away
Amwith out a scratch bump or fall
GGet away
CGet away
Em Amjust Get away
[Outro] (2 chords per bar) G C Em Am G C Em Am G C Em Am G C Em Am (Normal rhytm with base walkdown G->Em and C->Am) G Em C Am G Em C Am G Em C Am G Em C Am G
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