D B S – No Room tab

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From jtreid@cyberus.ca Fri Jan  9 10:06:36 1998
From: "John T. Reid" 
Subject: No Room by d.b.s.

Song: No Room
Band: d.b.s.
Album: If The Music's Loud Enough^?
Tabbed By: Dan Reid "punx72@hotmail.com"

All chords are power chords:
D	X577XX
E	X799XX
F#	244XXX
A	577XXX
B	799XXX

Intro Bass Line:G|-------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------|E|-2-2-2-5-5-5-2-2-2-5-5-5-2-2-2-5-5-5-|
Guitar starts: D / E / F# / A / F# / A / F# / A / D / E Verse: (just bass playing intro) You Say You've gotta win the fight But there's no fight to win Awwwwwwwwwwww^? (guitar and drums come in) D E This aint no competition F# A F# A Before you wage a war you better know your enemy F# A Cuz there's no winners to any fight D E So let's strive for UNITY F# A Everyone against the misfit F# A Against the kid who doesn't fit F# A That's the way you know you've won D E No worries it's 12 on 1 Chorus 1: A Aint no room in this small, small world B For you and your D Hate (x2 then play:) A B D E Verse 2: (same chords) You say you've gotta win the fight What a fucking joke You're a no-brain steroid freak With no hope Today's the day we stand up tall Today's the day we dominate Yesterday's been put in the past And tomorrows too fuckin' late We'll raise our voice this time We'll yell it loud We'll tell you to fuck off And we'll say it fucking proud QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS: Dan Reid "punx72@hotmail.com"
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