Daan – Player chords


Synth intro: C

CYou never broke my heart
DBut you tried
Bm7You never broke a law
Cwhen you lied
C DI was a little kid, just a child
Bm7 CI was a lookalike running wild
GFor all our horses hold
CFor all the shots we called
Am7Yeah it was you who made
C B7me the player
Em (/E /F /G /B)recall
Cthe beauty of it all
Am7I knew I had to fall
C B7like a player
Cbut that was false alarm
Dso you said
Bm7you didn't mean no harm
Cfaked regret
Cwhith every bit of charm
Dthat you had
Bm7you made me wear the arms
Cplay the bad
GI had a heart too big
CI was a dog to kick
Am7You used to care a lot
C B7for the player
Em (/E /F /G /B)I know
Cyou never meant to go
Am7so why you made me show
C B7you the player
Cmake them break
D (/C)make them cry
Bm7 C (/G)let'm pay for the things you hide
Cmak'm go
D (/C)make'm stay
Bm7 C let'm dream for another day
G C Am7 C B7 Em C Am7 C B7 C D Bm7 C C D Bm7 C
GI knew it all along
Cyou treat 'm well you're wrong
Am7you treat 'm right they're gone
C B7to a player
Em (/E /F /G /B)so now
Cyou made me play the game
Am7without a fear of shame
C B7I'm the player
Cyou'll never break my heart
Bm7when you wake up I'll be
Cout the door
Cand if I never find
Dwhat I need
Bm7well that's another heart
Cless to bleed
Outro: repeat C D Bm7 C
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