Daath - Wilting On The Vine tab

This is my first tab and is a tab in the making. Not sure how to lay it out but here goes

Drop C

Verseg2 EEEEEEEE|EEEEEEEE|EEEEEEQ |EEEEEEEEE---------|--------|--------|---------|---------|--------|--------|--------.|---------|--------|--------|---------|---------|--------|--------|88883333.| x4---5-4-5-|8-5--458|5-5-4-5-|88883333-|-00-0-0-0|-0-00---|-0-0-0-0|88883333-| .. . . . . .. . . . .
g1 comes in during the chords snd time throughput heavy vibrato on quater and whole notes E E E E E E E Q Q Q Q W--------------------------------|-10-9-10-11-10-9-11-9-5-8-6-2--------------------------------| x2-------------------------------.|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
g2outro to introEEEEEEEE----------|---------.|----------| x288883333-.|88883333--|88883333--|
g1 (bends first time bar and then:)E E E E E E E E-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------| -------------------------|-------------------------|11-11-11-11-07-07-07-07--|
Chorus E EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|-12p0------------4-4h5----11114444-| X2-12p0------5--6-----------11114444-|-12p0000000-00-00-0---6p0-11114444-| ...... .. .. .
tr = 4 notes of tremelostr = 2 notes of tremelo---------|-Second time through-|---------|---------------------|---------|---------------------|---------|---------------------|---------|---------------------|-4tr-4tr-|-4str----------------|
I'll submit more later.
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