Dada Ante Portas - Nothin But Real chords

Nothing But Real - DATA [ante portas]

Chords by Jack Milk's

FSuddenly this time goes by so fast
am dmWondering what will forever last
H dm CTurnabouts today make yesterday... slow
FTrodden-down like my own favourite shoes
am dmLuck will raise with a bottle of booze
H dm CTired of feeling nothin'. Incognito.
cm H F cmBut it's all in my mind and I feel it's a lot
H FBut it's all in my mind and I feel...
gm cmNothin' but real - Nothin' to feel
F H All about seekin' fictitious ideals
am gm cmIt's all that we've got - this now and this here
F HSomeone should miss me wen I disappear
am gmIt's nothin' but real...
Scared a lot of being merciless Realize how fast my time gets less Sick and tired of disentangling my thoughts Probably I'm the one who's right Funny how people's appetite For setting me right still makes them feel alright People may say it's all for your best and that's nice But it's still in my mind and I feel... Ref. ... Nothin' to feel All about seekin' ficticious ideals It's all that we've got - this now and this here Someone should miss me when I disappear It's nothin' but real... Na, na, na, na...
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