Dada – Dog tab

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From: "Jeff" 


by dada    From the album "Puzzle"

Transcribed by Jeff Matson (

Capo first fret.

Riff 1

e -------------------------7-------------------------|B -8-------8-------8---------8-----------------------|G ---9-------9-------9---------9---------------------|D -----10------10------10--------10------------------|A ---------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------------|
Riff 2 (Chorus riff)
e -----------------------------------------------------------|B -----------0-1-3-0-----3-----------------------------------|G -------0-2---------2-----2---------------------------------|D -0-2-3---------------------3-0-----------------------------|A -----------------------------------------------------------|E -----------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: (slide guitar stuff, etc. not worth tabbing. if you must know it, you can probably figure it out.) Riff 1 Verse: (play Riff 1 over the verses) Painted old lady Collecting splinters on the bench She's waiting to go to heaven One-eyed old man With his party hat on He swears there is no hell No hell.... Chorus: (play Riff 2 over chorus) Play mainly the lower strings on chorus chords (i'm not very sure of these). D2 Am G I know a girl D2 Am G Who believes a girl D2 Am G C (beginning of verse chords) Who believes she used to be a dog Verse: During the second verse, in addition to Riff 1, a second guitar repeats the chords C and Am. You can also throw in a quick F between the Am and C to simulate the bass. If you do this I suggest you only hit the low strings on the F chord to keep it from sounding jangly. C Elevator rising Am (F) I wonder what's on the top floor C Am (F) The numbers are on the wall C The sun also rises Am (F) And the shadows soon fall C I keep looking to the sky Am (F?) Keep looking to the sky.... On the last "sky," there is an additional guitar part G --1---/3---/5---- I can't quite get the chords behind this ascending part. For now I stick with the trusty F chord, but if anyone can hear this better, let me know. Repeat Chorus Riff before bridge (repeat x3)
D -2-2-2-2--1-1-1-1-----------------------------|A -------------------2-2-2-2--------------------|E -----------------------------4-4-2-4----------|
Bridge: G* It don't matter what I say F Am Cause no one is right and no one is wrong G* I guess that we'll find some day F Am That no one was right and no one was wrong Solo (over chorus riff and chorus chords)
e ------------------------------------------------------------------4/10---|B -------------------------------------------------------------------------|G --2/7---2/7--9--10--9\7---2/7--9--10--9--10--7----2/7--9--10--13---------|
Repeat chorus until end End Solo Play the first solo again, then:
e --4/10--12--13--12/10---4/10--12--13--12--13--10--4/10--12--13--17--17---|B -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
e --17--17--17--17--15--13--17--| fade outB ------------------------------|
Chords: D2 xx0230 G 320033 G* 355433
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