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From: (Jeff Matson)
Subject: TAB: "Feet to the Sun" by dada

this is possibly my favorite tune off of dada's latest album.  as a result,
i tried to put a little extra effort into this transcription.  hope you dada
fans out there enjoy this. i personally think it's a lot of fun to play.

Feet to the Sun
---------------    by dada

From the album  "American Highway Flower"

transcribed by Jeff Matson (

Opening Riff

e ---------------------- -------0-2\-----0-----| or you can even tryB ---------------------- -0-0-3------0-3---0---| playing it on the DG ---------------------- ----------------------| and G strings high onD -----0-2--4\---0-2---- or ----------------------| the neck. I like theA -2-2---------2-----2-- ----------------------| first, "bass" versionE ---------------------- ----------------------| when playing alone with one guitar.A A Asus4 E
Verse: Em They say it's a waste Bm A waste of water A E Don't let it run through the cracks Em But you roll it like a wave Bm A wall of water A Em Slides right off your back Pre-chorus: C#m G* By the way Bm You'll be happy just to learn E E C C C#m I've given up on you G* By the way Bm You'll be happy just to learn Em Em C C E I've given up on you e --0--0--2--4h5p4-- these "extra" parts are Em Em C C E difficult to include with Given up on you e --0--0--2--0h2p0-- only one guitar Chorus: G C(9) Dsus4 Down to the river D The river I run G C(9) Dsus4 Down to the river D Am The river I run Am Point my face to the water Em My feet to the sun Opening Riff Verse: They say you have your ways Your ways about you Beautiful lips tell lies I'm going through a phase Like a moon without you Howling to cold black skies Pre-chorus Chorus Opening Riff (play the higher pitched version to lead into the solo) Solo ----
e ----------4h5p4--2h4p0---0---0---0--------------------------------------0h2-|B -2-0-2-3-------------------3---0------------------------------------0h2-----|G -----------------------------------2-2/4-4-2-0------------------0h2---------|D -----------------------------------------------4-2-0--------0h2-------------|A ------------------------------------------------------2-0h2-----------------|E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
e -4h5p4--5p4-0-2-0--2/4-7--- note: the last part of the solo --2/4-7-- comes at the same time as the C#m in the Pre-chorus chords. to play the song solo either eliminate the last part and go to the C#m or hold the final note of the solo and then go to the G* (next chord in the Pre-chorus). Pre-chorus Chorus (repeat until end) Chords ------ Asus4 x0223x G 320033 G* 355433 Dsus4 xx0233 C#m 446654 C(9) x32033
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